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All the Perks of Joining Gala Bingo Membership

12 February 2018
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The Gala Bingo Club – the “offline” membership program at the, or your, local Gala Bingo Hall! In the United Kingdom, there are a total of 131 Gala Bingo halls located all over the country and they all have great reputations to go alongside the budding romance Gala is creating with it’s online players from its web and mobile bingo offer. Here’s all you need to know about joining Gala Bingo Membership.

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Most of you will have seen Gala Bingo, which is quite a household name these days, in your local town or cities if you’re lucky enough to house a Bingo Hall – and you’ll know the name and location even if you’ve never tried the game itself before (we recommend that you should!).

Club Gala Bingo

Each Gala Bingo Club has a great atmosphere with friendly players and a warm and welcoming aura from the interior decoration all the way to the Bingo staff – they also have a great range of food, drinks and snacks available to accompany your Bingo fun.

Finding your Club

Gala have made it easy for internet users to find their local Bingo hall with their club finder. Players can choose their club form an A-Z list or search for local clubs by city or postcode.

There are clubs from Northern Scotland right down to the English South Coast – Gala are everywhere, and each one as fun as the last!

Membership Perks

There’s plenty of perks to being an account holder online with Gala Bingo, and that does transition across to holding a Gala Bingo Membership for the Gala Bingo Halls all over the country.

membership perks Gala Bingo

There are Jackpot games in all of the clubs where the Jackpot prize pool can, and does, get up to a whopping £20,000!

If Bingo is getting you down, or you want something else to whet your appetite while you wait for your game to start or during a self-decided interval, Gala offer a great selection of gaming machines to play on, all with their own unique payment ladders where hundreds of pounds can be won by any lucky player.

The one thing each club has an exclusive, an “each to their own” if you like, is promotions – in house club promotions: amazing prizes like cruises, luxury meals, themed bingo parties and much more are available through prize drawers or as top prizes in special Bingo games and events.

Membership to the Gala Bingo Club is simple, its free and its not time consuming – you simply have to be over 18 as you’d expect. You’ll get issued with a membership card that you use to access your local club or any other club on your travels around the UK.

Clubbing Together

There are some unique bingo games and ways of actually playing bingo when you get to the Gala Bingo Clubs, and we’re going to tell you about them right here.

But first, what’s the big difference with Bingo in a venue than online? Its shouting as loud as you can! If you win any prize from 1 line to a full house, you have to get the presenters attention – shout, wave your hands, dance – come up with your own quirky and recognisable “holla” to let your friends and other players know who the winner is but please, keep it PG!

Electronic Bingo

We are big advocates of technical advances in all gambling, and when that advancement is in the physical gaming space, like a Gala Bingo Club, then it’s even more likeable. With Gala’s electronic bingo, users don’t use bingo dabbers to dab out or pens to cross out the numbers on papers or in bingo books, they use digital pens to mark off the numbers digitally on the terminals, screens, that they sit at – much like the roulette machines you see in Casinos!

This is perfect for beginners, amateurs or the Bingo pro’s – just request your Touchpad and choose with package you want to play with from Bingo, Slots or Party Xtra.

electronic bingo Gala Bingo

The great positive to electronic bingo is the chance to play multiple tickets with ease right from your screen, making it much cleaner, simpler and fun to play more and win more.

Party Xtra

Party Xtra is another great “Club Only” perk and gives all the players more chances to win between the main Bingo game sessions.

As the name would suggest, the games are fast but they are in fact easily played and followed – the games are played on boards that are found right next to your bingo table in the main room or on boards attached to the table itself and, of course, you can play on your touchpads and on any terminal too!

Its quick, it’s fun, its profitable – and it’s only available in the Gala Bingo Club!


As we mentioned earlier, Gala Bingo buildings are more than just Bingo, Bingo, Bingo! Just like the majority of Bingo websites, including Gala, there are alternative games available for players to play instead of Bingo, during Bingo Breaks or just as they arrive or before they leave.

If that’s not enough, and this is a personal favourite of ours, how about some free tea and coffee while you play?

arcade Gala Bingo

As a further extra, all Gala Bingo locations provide hot and cold food menu’s as well as a healthy selection of drinks all to be enjoyed at the venue.

That covers all of the things on offer to anyone thinking about joining the Bingo family in person; as you can see the perks of Gala Bingo Club Membership are many and they are well worth the simple and quick joining process at your local club!

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